Our 3 businesses link together to create high performing turnkey and bespoke, whole life cycle and affordable applications. It does not matter which option is selected first because all 3 will be required for every program or project undertaken:


business case

We know that the fundamental sustainability asset from any project is its Business Case. This is why we have transformed the CAPEX/OPEX process into a whole life, sustainable business and operational tool.

prism business processes image

From global logistics to supply chain SMEs, businesses require: robust and integrated processes to manage operational performance and skilled staff at all levels to deliver sustainable goals and targets.

prism architecture imageApplication size and complexity range from finished products to the breakdown of component parts. Applications types include buildings and what is placed inside  and outside of them. Building performance is fundamentally based on location, orientation and function, not KIT. Passive buildings function without unnecessary costs of technologies.

Passive is possible – we design them that way.